digital camera love
2004-08-04 13:29:23 ET

sister love

me ont he monkey bars like a fool

graham.. no more should be said

graham looking like zoolander.. and me being beautiful

me kissing you

2004-08-04 13:42:48 ET

aww you're adorable

2004-08-04 13:44:45 ET

lol thanks.. i'd say i am a regular hawtie *brushes off shoulders*

2004-08-04 14:27:12 ET

great pics!

2004-08-04 14:40:46 ET

you're too cute in the last one.

2004-08-04 15:54:15 ET

aw thanks!

2004-08-04 20:26:39 ET

Guess who the photographer was?!

2004-08-04 22:24:29 ET

i love going on playgrounds.. they bring back the joy of life

2004-08-05 02:47:50 ET

they are so mcuh fun when they make me feel like an idiot

2004-08-05 06:45:32 ET

another canadian sk member.

|throws glitter|

2004-08-05 12:23:05 ET

i love glitter

2004-08-05 20:48:53 ET

I know... oh I know all too well how much you love glitter...

2004-08-07 14:04:36 ET

you should've seen the glitter i wanted to get downtown

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