2004-08-05 18:05:32 ET


i want that shirt.

2004-08-05 19:14:15 ET

i should get that for my girl

2004-08-05 22:50:19 ET

pm me your adress I will totally get that for you :)

2004-08-07 14:05:45 ET

yeah? that would be so kewl lol what shall i do in return?

2004-08-07 14:33:01 ET

oh I don't know, you'll think of something ;)

2004-08-07 14:50:44 ET

i know.. i'll come to alaska.. sweep you off your feet and carry you away into the sunset

2004-08-07 17:29:25 ET

A few have tried that one, none have succeeded. Although your attempt would be appreciated :) hehehe.

2004-08-08 03:19:16 ET

i'm the little engine that could.. plus i live closer to you.. i live in ontario.. wut wut... now to find a way to get there

2004-08-08 09:15:24 ET

Don't you dare tease me like that! You are SO CRUEL

evil! evil girl I say!

2004-08-08 14:47:44 ET

i am no more evil than you.. such cruel torture itis having a hottie like you live so farup there! COME CLOSER.

2004-08-08 17:01:45 ET

well thats sweet, but from what I understand you're taken anyhow. Which is not terribly surprising.

2004-08-08 18:02:28 ET

very true.. its a relationship on the rocks.

2004-08-08 21:41:14 ET

hehe well I live without relationships anyway, no one is ever more than a friend to me, except family. Anyway can you keep a secret? I'll PM you.

2004-08-09 03:37:14 ET

of course i can keep a secret! why wouldn't i? my best friend can't keep secrets.. well she can but she gives very obvious hints.. so i won't tell her

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