2004-08-09 04:13:43 ET

this is my bedroom.. its very .. not really pink.. its called raspberry parfait.. i love it.

this is the view from my room.. its amazing at night

this is teh boy that never calls..

yes i love my camera.. i am going to do my makeup all crazy today and take pics.

2004-08-09 21:37:20 ET

so... where are the pics??

2004-08-10 04:58:13 ET

stupid work.. i got called into work yesterday at 9:30 am.. i was so upset.. so maybe today.. but i gotta shower.

2004-08-10 06:36:02 ET

You have a pretty room

2004-08-10 06:38:45 ET

why thank you.. i love my room.

2004-08-11 12:08:39 ET

i like that color (your bedroom walls). its pretty. i want it!

2004-08-11 12:09:00 ET

yes everyone should want it.

2004-08-11 12:10:54 ET

its so pretty.

2004-08-11 13:46:29 ET

that's the color I want to paint my room!

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