2004-08-10 05:14:42 ET

okay here we go.. so yesterday i was called into work.. that is why i couldn't take any pictures.. but today.. providing i can shower in the next few minutes.. which i will as soon as my dad leaves.. then i will get dressed.. or not.. all depends on what kind of pictures i take lol.

and i've decided to lose 20 pounds by my birthday. so i have until DECEMBER 14. i can do it. exercise.. healthy diet.. support from people who care...

omg.. this diet drink is too much i can't finish it. wts.

2004-08-10 07:19:07 ET

You should drink those shake things. They make you have diareeha or however it's spelt. I bet that makes you lose wait poopin' all the time.

2004-08-10 08:53:28 ET

diet drinks are grosss

2004-08-10 10:03:00 ET

i want nakie pictures!!!!!!!!

ooo drink a lot of water and eat fiber ceral! bowls and bowl and bowls to make your bowels keep on truckin baby!

2004-08-10 11:09:22 ET

okay.. so poop a lot.. and pee. nice i can do that.

nakie pictures eh? hmmmmmm let me see what i can do

diet drinks aren't that bad.. this one is actually pretty good.

2004-08-10 11:11:01 ET

diet drinks are the freakin best! i love slim fast i drink it everyday before school.. its yummy and filling so i dont have to stuff my mind silly with toast

2004-08-10 11:13:07 ET

what drink is it?

i like slimfast, i think those are good except for the coffee ones those are gross.

2004-08-10 11:34:02 ET

this one is called 40-40-20 kinetix... its 40% carbs 40% protein and 20% dietary fat

2004-08-10 11:39:46 ET

that one sounds almost scary...

2004-08-10 11:40:23 ET

lol its not.. its good.. tastes just like a frothy chocolate shake
i should go make one.. no i had rice for lunch.. nevermind when i get back from vacation i will show you

2004-08-10 11:55:17 ET

YOR GOING ON VACATION!?!? ..where? will you make me some rice..im hungray

2004-08-10 12:04:08 ET

it sounds icky.

2004-08-10 20:34:26 ET

She's going to babysit her sister's kids cause her sister trusts no one but Rachel, even though she shouldn't as Rachel broke her 2 or 3 year old niece's leg!


2004-08-11 12:06:55 ET


i am a very good responsible individual!

and rice is good.. i will make you four loads.

2004-08-11 12:19:54 ET

Hey... that was mean.

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