2004-08-11 12:17:41 ET

This is my sister.. isn't she a hawtie.. now her number is...
HAHAHA YOU WISH... this is her before she had her *edit* THIRD babY.

wanna see him? okay okay okay pull my leg enough...


2004-08-11 12:19:22 ET

PM me for her number ;)

Just kidding Rachel...

No seriously..

2004-08-11 12:22:10 ET

lmao.. nice try barb says you are a dork.. but she loves you anyway

2004-08-11 12:27:57 ET

yeah your sister is pretty. and the baby is cute.

2004-08-11 12:28:50 ET

my sister is obsessed with me loving her.. good god// C is for carbon copy.. "i want to be a carbon copy of her" she is beating me as i write this.

2004-08-11 17:45:30 ET

cute pictures, but uh... wasn't there some pictures of you coming our way?

2004-08-11 17:45:37 ET


2004-08-11 19:53:02 ET

I'm going be a jerk and post all the pictures Rachel has taken lately and steal her thunder... mwhahaha.

She's at her sister's so you guys won't get pictures for another week at least.

2004-08-12 16:19:19 ET

that's an awesome baby picture.

2004-08-14 16:04:56 ET

i do have pics coming.. i took some then my camera ran out of batteries

2004-08-14 20:39:57 ET

You're full of excuses.

2004-08-15 04:49:40 ET

you're full of.. butt

2004-08-15 07:15:01 ET

No... I only have one butt and it isn't THAT big.

2004-08-15 07:59:42 ET

... what are you trying to say?

2004-08-15 09:06:17 ET

Nothing anymore as I no longer wish to be in trouble.

2004-08-16 04:15:29 ET

too late.. you were calling my ass FAT

2004-08-16 05:08:21 ET

oohhh snap.

2004-08-16 06:53:59 ET

I didn't say your ass was fat. It is a nice lucious roundness to it.

2004-08-16 18:34:37 ET

lol thanks.

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