2004-08-15 05:03:28 ET

the other day before i left.. i actually took pictures to put up here and i loved them.. and last night i thought i loaded them onto my computer.. but i didn't.. and then i deleted them off my camera thinking they were on my computer.. and they weren't.. so i will just have to take some more again today.. man those were really good pictures.

i met ken from the badn thornley.. i got to hang out in the tour bus and watch the soundcheck.. then i babysat his kids.. god he is a sweet man.

then i went to santa's village and went go karting.. i love go karting..

the muskoka area is absolutely gorgeous and so is the canadian shield.. all those rocks omg.. i felt out of place though.. i was the only one there that was my age.. kinda odd. outta place.. dieting isn't going over too well. i need a shower. and to get dressed.

2004-08-15 07:16:34 ET

And to call me later.

2004-08-15 08:00:30 ET

lol right then

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