2004-08-20 03:40:54 ET

off to work again

songs that get me through:

Lustra- "scotty doesn't know" (from eurotrip)
Lara fabian - "i will love again"
Daniel Bettingfield - "gotta get through this"
Modest Mouse- "float on"

the thing i hate is that he won't tell me whats going on. "i just need time to forgive you for calling me a liar" good god. he chose drugs over me and i forgave him. aklngsdnglsdlg

i think being single is a good idea. unless there are any prince charmigns willing to take me on? lol

work shall be interesting.

2004-08-20 04:58:45 ET

well it is off to find a horse and a castle I guess. woo hoo

2004-08-20 06:33:13 ET

aww I hope work goes by quick

2004-08-20 07:00:59 ET

*cough cough* *ahem* Hey Rach how you doing *cough*..

Oh well worth a try.

2004-08-20 11:52:51 ET


what kinda castle?

yeah work went by very quickly.. very stressful

2004-08-20 17:19:19 ET

How about that castle on Salem road?

2004-08-21 05:52:02 ET

no that is creepy.

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