2004-08-22 08:04:17 ET

i found out that the turtle has cancer.

2004-08-22 08:18:59 ET

I don't think the turtle has cancer.

2004-08-22 08:20:37 ET

it does.

2004-08-22 10:01:32 ET

no, it really doesn't

2004-08-22 10:48:31 ET

haha how can that happen?

2004-08-22 11:31:40 ET

i still want it.

2004-08-22 12:26:00 ET


2004-08-22 14:48:35 ET

how did you fidn out? and kind of cancer?

2004-08-22 17:53:57 ET

my brother told me it has cancer.. there is a bump on its neck that no matter how many times they cut it off it grows back..

the turtle has been given away without my notice mel.

2004-08-22 18:29:32 ET

aww poor thing.

2004-08-22 19:19:03 ET

no!!!!!!!! i want it!

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