2004-08-24 03:19:15 ET

tabby scared the living daylights out of my. god i am a moron. . . i have to work with my heart racing.

i want to go to of U of BC next year.. hope i can. it says i need french. so maybe i can take french in night school. or go back for a semester? hum.

i hate alcohol. i think my aunt has turned into an alcoholic along with my father.. great. i feel so bad for him though because he has a horrible job. i wish i had the power to get him a better job.

i ate my nana's cereal and she got mad. so i am going to buy her and myself new cereal.

2004-08-24 03:44:12 ET

What'd she do to scare you?

2004-08-24 07:11:32 ET

I hope you get what you want Rachel, you deserve the world and I'll doing anything it takes to help you get what you want, just ask anytime.

2004-08-24 08:54:52 ET

awww i'm sorry!! please forgive me!!!!

2004-08-24 11:53:34 ET

angel: go to phaery's website.. and check out the link..

g-dawg: thanks i just hope i don't get held down.

tabby: thats okay you are forgiven but my god it scared the crap outta me i couldn't get out of it fast enough

2004-08-25 03:18:56 ET

Hrmmmm.. I dunno... scared too..

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