just when you think things have gotten worse...
2004-08-24 16:00:59 ET

they hit rock bottom.

ever been in a situation where it seems like you lose either way? i want to get out of here, but i have no where to go, and not enough guts to do it...

i watched some interesting movies.. Wonderland about John Holmes.. god he was a coke head.. and Call me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fliess.. god she was a coke head

i hate drugs. maybe i should be a nurse at a rehab centre..

2004-08-25 08:09:30 ET

Is Heidi that famous hollywood prostitute?

2004-08-25 11:54:16 ET

yeah she sure is.. man all the good movies involve ppl doing coke.

2004-08-25 15:31:48 ET

she started off as a prostitue then when she made more moeny she opened her own bordello and became the mistress.

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