2004-08-26 04:44:29 ET


everyone say hello to my little sister.. the model.

2004-08-26 05:24:36 ET

awww she's beautiful

2004-08-26 07:33:44 ET

Your sister is as adorable as the day I first met her.

2004-08-26 17:44:26 ET

i know. she gets so much bigger all the time

2004-08-26 18:25:21 ET

How adorabubble.

2004-08-26 18:54:38 ET

Oh man, she's so big now!
I remember when I last saw her,
still cute as ever!

2004-08-26 19:36:50 ET

awwww she's so pretty. thats awesome.

2004-08-27 13:23:05 ET

her step sister is evil lol.. look


2004-08-28 18:55:03 ET

i cant tell by a picture but the other girl is prettier.

2004-08-29 07:52:18 ET

she is evil just trust me on that one.

2004-08-29 11:17:28 ET


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