2004-08-29 07:55:23 ET

okay. so he called me a bitch. if he thinks i am a bitch should i act like one?

see for his birthday i bought him a floor seat ticket to metallica. but now that we broke up on bad terms. should i make him pay for the ticket? (i have the tickets. 2 of his friends who paid for their tickets are going, my best friend me and then i'd have one ticket) he knows i bought it for him. but i haven't given it to him.. any suggestions

2004-08-29 08:42:43 ET

I'd say make him pay for it, or just give it away to someone else, especially since he called you a bitch! grrr at him.

2004-08-29 09:32:21 ET

Make him pay.

2004-08-29 10:21:09 ET

Don't give it to him. He doesn't deserve a Metallica ticket if he said that to you! I'm a huge Metallica fan and if someone called me a bitch, they'd be on the ground in a heartbeat. (but that's just me) I've calmed down after I had my daughter, so I'd say just don't give it to him, let someone else go! ^__^

2004-08-29 10:24:25 ET

You should go with his friends. Ha!

2004-08-29 10:25:46 ET

Agrees with plasticity.
I should've said that in the first note, lol.

2004-08-29 11:35:24 ET

give it to someone else.

2004-08-29 16:16:13 ET

that seems to be the general consensus from everyone i've asked..

2004-08-29 16:19:25 ET

If I had the chance to make it to their concert, I'd buy the ticket off you.
Give to someone else + sell ticket = no more problems & some $$!

2004-08-29 16:20:21 ET

very true but i do have my own ticket.

2004-08-29 16:29:44 ET

More fun! ^___^

2004-08-29 17:54:16 ET

take someone who you know will be more fun, and you'll hgave lots of fun with.
and then spit on him.

and kick him aswell, just for good measure.

2004-08-29 19:00:40 ET

hook the ticket to a fishing pole and do that dollar trick.

2004-08-29 19:49:25 ET

lol that would be so kewl.. the fish trick. i really want to egg his house.

2004-08-29 19:51:31 ET

lol. girl if i was with ya i'd help.

2004-08-30 06:10:57 ET

I'll bring the tissue!
Oh wait, you can let the eggs go bad and egg the car. That way, when the sun comes up, it literally bakes the paint off the car and leaves nasty splotches of messed up junk stuff. I learned that from her (she's also my sister, lol)

2004-08-30 08:38:58 ET

or oyu can hide them inside the car. and a car can get like really hot. so they will like rot faster adn his car will smell really bad.

2004-08-30 08:50:52 ET

you need old nachos with lots of cheese leftover for the inside of the car, like under the back seat or underneath the front passenger seat from the backside, so he can't see or find it right away. ^__^
nacho cheese goes bad real fast. ~~~

2004-08-30 10:53:56 ET

if you put fish oil down the crack of the window which goes into the door, the car will wreak of fish, and the door will rust hardcore.

2004-08-30 11:07:03 ET

an open can of sardines under the carpet. Yeah....

2004-08-30 18:02:08 ET

omg you guys are too kewl for words.. but the lazy ass has no car of his own..

i am taking a guy from work to the concert.. i just want to egg him.

"hey steve.. over here" *pelts the loser with eggs*

omg. sisters are amazing.. my sister and my nephew have thrush right now.

2004-08-30 19:20:23 ET

I'll help. I'll steal all the bad eggs from work.

2004-08-31 05:43:51 ET

wicked. AND you have a getaway car.

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