2004-08-30 18:25:01 ET

my poor sister and nephew have thrush....

i am going to metallica with a friend from work..

2004-08-30 18:29:48 ET

Hope you have fun at the show!

2004-08-30 19:06:00 ET


2004-08-30 19:18:09 ET

like a bird?

2004-08-30 19:22:35 ET

It's nasty she send me a link http://www.med.sc.edu:85/mycology/thrush.jpg

And I think I should be part of the gang meanie.

2004-08-30 19:24:56 ET

ewww... how does one accomplish that??

2004-08-30 19:29:15 ET

Eat too much yeast?

2004-08-31 03:42:05 ET

Oh, thrush looks absolutely SEXY. *barfs*

2004-08-31 05:46:09 ET

yeah and my poor nephew has it.. i yelled at my sister for giving it to him.. she hasn't told me how she got it. but i am sure i will find out soon. yeah its a nasty looking thing. i saw some even worse things.. but it does look nasty, thank god girls never see their own vaginal yeast infections... and their boyfriends never see it.. they would think twice about ahving sex with them..

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