2004-09-04 18:17:30 ET

so my ten year old sister has decided to hit puberty now.. and what a wonderful time... she accuses me of not wanting anything to do with her (because i didn't constantly respond to her messages on AOL) and she said that she never wants to talk to me.. she even learned how to block me... she lives in texas.. i live in toronto.. there isn' tmuch i can do.. maybe tomorrow she will decide that she doesn't want to grow up..

2004-09-04 18:43:08 ET

hahah fuck girls are funny hey.

r u american?

2004-09-04 18:44:23 ET

No she isn't. She loves you Rachel, just think if she's doign this to you what her mom is going through.

2004-09-04 19:20:59 ET

Shell get over it eventually.

2004-09-04 20:21:55 ET

You haven't IMed me in a while.... You don't love me anymore!! ::cries::
::blocks you::

2004-09-04 21:30:55 ET

u NEVER im me.

2004-09-05 05:48:29 ET

oh man.. GUYS I DO LOVE YOU I AM SO SORRY. i just figure you never want to talk.. don't ask i know i am weird...

i will always love you!

2004-09-05 08:37:36 ET

haha yeha puberty was fun.

2004-09-05 09:13:01 ET

I always wanna talk but you don't love me either

2004-09-06 04:33:26 ET

of course i love you.. what is this? everyone gang up on rachel day?!?!

2004-09-06 05:02:16 ET


2004-09-06 05:27:38 ET

damn thats just not kewl.

2004-09-06 05:55:15 ET

ok sorry tee hee

2004-09-06 06:10:55 ET

suuure you are.. now you have to prove it to me.

2004-09-06 06:31:46 ET

ok fine.....how

2004-09-06 06:49:20 ET

i don't know..

2004-09-06 06:54:18 ET

2004-09-06 08:58:07 ET

:( i'm sorry to hear that. i'm sure that she'll come around :)

2004-09-06 13:24:33 ET

so am i.. but its crazy.

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