school tomorrow
2004-09-06 13:58:15 ET

so i am a nerd and i love school.. and its important to me that tomorrow is the big day back.. and i don't know what to wear... wts... but anyway when i decide what to wear i will take a picture and post it on here.. and then you shall see.. how beautiful i really am lol

omg dieting is so hard.. i get exercise.. but the whole eating healthy thing.. wts. i am doing better. but its hard.


2004-09-06 14:02:02 ET

I just ate a plate of spagetti instead of exercising. It's to hot here to exercise.

2004-09-06 14:15:05 ET

lol aw. i eat rice cakes and fruit.

2004-09-06 14:32:46 ET

Diets are hardest when I get really odd cravings for things like fried shimp and fries or whatever.

2004-09-06 17:03:34 ET

lol yeah fried shrimp.. i just crave sugar like mad.. i am a sugar fiend.

2004-09-06 17:05:31 ET

mmmmm, sugar.

2004-09-06 18:14:48 ET

Wow, you are a nerd! Nah, just kidding. I like going because I like the feeling of getting accomplished. So we can be nerds together, dear.

2004-09-06 18:50:10 ET

I'm a "Don't let school interfere with your education" person. But that's just my style and it works for me.

2004-09-07 13:48:57 ET

thats good. i love school.. i love the learning aspect of it though.. so i rawk

angel/ yes we can be nerds together! woot.

omg. i want a butter tart soo bad.. this diet thing is great. .but buttertarts..

2004-09-07 15:50:14 ET

Hey! I'm a nerd too. Just not a school nerd.

2004-09-08 03:14:43 ET

What is a buttertart?

2004-09-08 06:38:58 ET

What is a buttertart?

2004-09-09 13:07:33 ET

I asked first, DAMMIT.

2004-09-10 10:09:30 ET

you don't know what a butter tart is.. little pie.. with filling and pecans..

do you live in a hole? lol omg.. you have to know what i am talking about.

2004-09-10 20:53:16 ET

Well they look familiar..

2004-09-11 04:33:26 ET

they are soo good.

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