2004-09-15 10:43:56 ET

so today after my spare i was leaving to go get the bus with eric, and this guy in front of us dropped his wallet, then eric picked it up and gave it back to the owner... the guy looked at eric and said "theif"

what the heck..

school is great. life is awesome, i am so happy. how about you?

2004-09-15 10:47:06 ET

Eric should have dropped dude's jaw

2004-09-15 10:48:17 ET

totally agree... but eric doesn't have a bad bone in his body

2004-09-15 10:50:58 ET

Thats good, all my bones are bad or so I hear, but I have excellent self control so it kinda evens out.

2004-09-15 10:51:50 ET

thats good. eric's also really quiet..

2004-09-15 11:43:38 ET

uhh what a jerk i mean your friend was nice enough to say oh here you dropped this. and that guy has some nerve.

2004-09-15 12:06:43 ET

yeah i know.. then another guy said "you should've jucked that yo"

2004-09-15 12:20:55 ET

If it were me I would have thrown it and went fine fuck you I wont do you a favour.

2004-09-15 12:38:35 ET

lol.. yeah.. these guys were previously free styling, and by what they were saying i didn't want to take the chance of pissing them off..

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