2004-09-15 12:49:41 ET

How do you express this quote visually:

As long as we are made of flesh terror will reign over us"

2004-09-15 12:54:25 ET

Have something scaring the crap outta someone standing next to a manikin :)

2004-09-15 13:58:57 ET

i need to get a manikin

2004-09-16 10:54:18 ET

nothing has ever been as cool as watching that car speed at 75mph right into the store front of the GAP!! glass shattered everywhere sparkling in the morning sunlight. decapitated mannequins laying every where..under the car, in the glass, all over the street.

oh man oh man.

2004-09-17 17:23:11 ET

i never heard about that lol

2004-09-17 18:36:42 ET

its something i witnessed when living in coconut grove in miami at like 6am...was the coolest thing i had ever seen in my life!

2004-09-20 16:25:19 ET

lol i can imagine

2004-09-21 16:00:37 ET


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