2004-09-30 16:50:40 ET

so its almost been a month with the new boi.. and i think i want to end it.. i have the biggest fear of commitment but its already starting to kick in.. any words of advice and confidence?

2004-09-30 18:35:54 ET

Let's hear the reason(s). Any advice would be hollow.

2004-10-01 05:25:22 ET

Don't commit. Just have fun. Tell him you don't want to ber serious right now.

2004-10-03 18:17:16 ET

i wish i did just so i could give it to myself too.. i cant commit to anything

i might as well go find some quick sand

2004-10-04 13:13:41 ET

i find that i want something more and something different when i am apart from him.. like i want to experience new guys and people.. or that perhaps i should be single.. considering i have been on and off relationships for the past two years.

i just fear people getting too attached because i don't want to end up hurting them

it would be easy to say just have fun.. but i still can't help the fact that he may be falling for me.. and there is no way to stop that.

2004-10-05 18:58:20 ET

i was with an old love a few weeks ago.. and apparently i hurt him a lot 2 years ago.. then we got drunk together not too long ago and the old flame got lit for a bit

and then a friend came up to me and said dont hurt him again. i laughed though it sticks to me all the time now

2004-10-07 10:35:16 ET

yeah its hard.. so very hard.

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