2004-11-06 11:19:47 ET

with every great ending comes a beginning unlike no other.

2004-11-06 11:26:42 ET

how true.

2004-11-06 14:12:31 ET

mm hmm.

2004-11-11 20:52:16 ET

is that from that supersonic song?

2004-11-11 20:53:37 ET

oh wait.
"closing time, every new beginning comes from someother beginnings end"
yeah thats it.

2004-11-13 05:52:24 ET

i just thought of it on the top of my head.

2004-11-13 15:05:40 ET


2004-11-16 02:23:07 ET

yeah i am crazy like that

2004-11-17 07:32:59 ET

i wish i could have such talents.

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