Graham is my hero
2004-11-16 02:24:08 ET

had it not been for him i would be dying about my thousandth death right about... now..

yeah he came with me. gawd he is so awesome..

evan rawks the trailer with me.. LMAO i am so kewl

have a presentation today so i am all decked out in crazy spiffy clothes...

2004-11-17 17:45:29 ET

What do you mean he 'rawks' the trailer with you? That better not be what I think it means.

2004-11-24 18:23:56 ET

NO its not what you think it means

its like saying "you rawk my sawks off" but i used trailer..

2004-11-24 19:24:03 ET

But you have said I rawk your sawks off and meant various things... especially... :P

2004-11-24 19:25:17 ET

I don't get why I don't get to be a gang.

2004-11-27 06:09:29 ET

if you want to be in a gang they why don't you just be in one

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