i hate guidance counsellors
2004-11-30 16:34:43 ET

i went to the school guidance office today to change a class. the class i wanted was all full. so he asked what i was going into.. i said nursing.. he then had the nerve to tell me that my grades weren't good enough to get into nursing. that i should rethink where i want to go. or work harder to raise my marks. i have a 90 in english 87 in biology and 74 in calculus.. i can understand him saying that i need to raise my calculus mark.. BUT ALL OF THEM!!?

and then he gave me sheets of classes that i needed to choose from and sent me on my way..

so next guidance counsellor i asked for scholarship forms, and she said that i needed better marks and shouldn't bother applying cause i wouldn't get it.. and that OSAP may not even apply to me.

fuck them. i am so hurt. but i will not let that get in my way... fuckers.

2004-11-30 17:11:13 ET

Rachel, kick them in their arses!

2004-12-01 03:16:30 ET

Do it anyways. Rejection feels much better than regret.

2004-12-01 17:58:34 ET

She won't be rejected.

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