girls are the worst
2005-01-31 17:04:30 ET

so my best friend and i aren't really friends anymore. on friday night she ditched me when we were suppose to go to a party together.. then she said she'd call me on saturday after her exam and then we'd hang out.. and she didn't call all day. so i went to the other party we planned on going together.. and she called joe's phone (the guy hosting the party) and told him that katy, my nemisis, and chris were coming with hailey to the party.. now hailey (bff??) ALWAYS complains about how katy treats her.. and so she showed up to this party.. with katy. she ditched me again. for a girl i can't stand. i am so angry and so hurt....

my boyfriend EVAN is incredible.. as soon as i resize the pictures i will put them up on here!

probably going to texas in march!

2005-01-31 17:16:20 ET

Well he sure is slow at taking people out to dinner and a movie that he promised too..... other than that I guess he's ok...

2005-02-06 05:33:48 ET

thanks good to know!

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