2005-02-24 10:53:54 ET

i never realized how much trouble online journals get you in.. good lord.. they are journals that belong to people.. if you don't want to know what a person thinks DON'T READ THEIR JOUNRAL

i never realized how perfect evan and i are... so perfect.. my goodness..

im friggin cold..

2005-02-24 12:41:00 ET

Yeah.. but sometimes the curiosity to know is just so.. tempting!!

2005-02-25 17:47:12 ET

touche.. i still think they should get alife and grow up.. and not sending me threatening text messages!

2005-02-25 17:50:38 ET

Who did that?

2005-02-25 17:50:56 ET

katy from sobey's

2005-02-26 11:14:19 ET

That's so fucking retarded. I completely agree though.. you shouldn't have to censor yourself in your own journal.

2005-02-26 21:57:38 ET

Why is she even reading it? And I have no problems fucking girls up if she touches you.

2005-03-06 04:19:45 ET

lol that would be good fuck her up good

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