2005-03-12 04:32:07 ET

alix is moving to toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is so awesome! i can finally see him! i havent' seen him in 3 years! we dated 4 years ago.. long distance and that didn't work out.. but at least now we can be friends! cause he is such a neat friend! and a neat person.. its also kinda sad because he is leaving all his friends behind.. but it will be easier for his family.

i am going to prom dress swaping today i believe

its good stuff



2005-03-12 07:41:19 ET

Be careful...

2005-03-13 06:58:26 ET

with alix? oh trust me i know

2005-03-13 08:18:51 ET

I'm sorry. :P

2005-03-14 05:29:08 ET

for what?

2005-03-14 08:40:54 ET

For being a jerk.

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