and the excitement begins!
2005-03-19 05:57:32 ET

I GOT AN EARLY ACCEPTANCE TO AN AWESOME UNIVERSITY IN CANDA......MCMASTER! they said that they have reserved me a spot in residence (the university is in hamilton and i live close to toronto)and that i just need to maintain a 75% average which will be a piece of cake! i mean my average is already like 83% so i am so psyched!!!!

and last night i dyed part of my hair blonde and it looks completely incredible..

i love evan.

pics soon.. just need to take some!

i think we're going rock climbing today!

prom soon!

life is grand

2005-03-19 16:48:09 ET

Congratulations on yer acceptance! And I wanna see pics of the hair!

2005-03-21 17:25:50 ET

oh they are comin' believe me.. pics are comin'

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