2005-03-26 06:20:34 ET

complaining and bitching about something that is wrong won't change the fact that it sucks. instead just do something about it. so i did and it was awesome. we played pool and hung out and screamed out the window. hailey and chris you guys rawk my sawks off!

a friend of my family died the other day. he was 15 years old. and everyone is so torn up about it. im pretty shaken. its so weird to think about him being gone. i am going to the viewing tomorrow and my brother is going to the funeral on monday. i feel so bad about everything. he was only 15...and he was such a good kid.

R.I.P. Derek Cameron

and one more thing i realized. pushing away my friend for my boyfriend sucks. because i hate the way it feels when people push me away for their boyfriend or girlfriend. im sorry.


2005-03-26 07:50:43 ET

I'm not pushing you away. We can do something this week ok?
Don't worry about it we are still going to be friends I promise.

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