i hate when people turn their backs
2005-04-18 17:05:12 ET

well i understand that people move on and people change and people grow apart.. but it hurts.. and it makes me quite angry...

but in doing so i am only being a hypocrite.. oh well. ts not like i didn't try!

i am going to mcmaster going to be so far away! evan didn't get into sheridan which means i will be an hour and a half away from everyone that i know.. its kinda nerve racking...

school is stressing me out..

i think i am going to delete my account.

2005-04-18 19:19:41 ET

No you aren't.

2005-04-19 06:27:15 ET

Why would you go and do a thing like that?

2005-04-19 09:48:53 ET

She's evil.

2005-04-19 14:13:28 ET


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