2005-04-25 18:19:52 ET

oh my lordy!
i got into queen's university! and they offered me a total of $5 140, plus OSAP (student loan) which means all i will have to pay is $2080 i am so psyched

i can go to queen's and live at my sister's during the weekends! oh man it will be so good! i am so excited!

i really think i am going to queen's

i love elivs..

2005-04-26 09:40:24 ET

yay! congrats!

2005-05-17 08:31:58 ET

Congratulations! my buddy went to Queens and had a blast.

P.S. want to write the GMAT for me?

I need helps

2005-05-17 09:37:00 ET

whats that?

2005-05-18 07:00:06 ET

Graduate Management Admission Test

You need it to get into grad school and I needs to getz me an MBA

2005-05-18 10:30:46 ET

lol nice yeah i'd love to write it for ya *rolls eyes* but if i can help any other way just let me know!

2005-05-18 10:44:20 ET

well o.k., I'll let you pay for it. The executive MBA theat I want is $90k


2005-05-19 10:26:28 ET

lol damn look what i got myself into

2005-05-20 11:20:51 ET

well there are more affordable ones

2005-05-21 04:01:04 ET

lol good luck paying for it!

2005-05-24 06:18:42 ET

I need a Sugah Momma!

2005-05-25 13:32:04 ET

you sure do..
if i was a millionaire, i'd be your sugah mama.. but i am dead broke

2005-05-26 09:47:57 ET


2005-05-26 19:01:06 ET

but we can still be friends!?!? right???? money isn't everything!

2005-05-27 03:03:07 ET


2005-05-27 04:09:57 ET


2005-05-27 10:00:17 ET


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