wow.. time flies
2005-06-28 07:54:02 ET

well i was suppose to be moving on saturday.. but it turns out the only day that i can move is friday. which means i can't go to edgfest.. shitty buzz..

i can't wait to move.. but i am having problems figuring out what the hell i should pack.. i looked around my room (after oraganizing all of my photgraphs)... and walked out to have lunch.. lol i don't know what to take...

2005-06-28 07:55:08 ET

lol im having that problem moving out soon and dont know what to take with me

2005-06-28 07:56:13 ET

its so hard! i can't decide... and i am also going through all my stuff and i don't know what to keep and what not to keep!

2005-06-28 07:57:26 ET

thats what im doin too..theres just so much stuff ive accumulated and where im oging there isnt much room so i have to decide lol

2005-06-28 07:57:53 ET

exactly!!!!1 see i am moving to my sisters then to university.. what the hell do you take to university?

2005-06-28 07:58:53 ET

*shrugs* who knows. never been to one haha

2005-06-28 09:04:29 ET

like today when i woke up i thought about shaving and then i left

2005-06-28 12:35:23 ET

You better bring all your pictures of me! You need things to remind you of me cause I'm so awesome.

2005-06-29 07:13:30 ET

teh:.. damn.. now i still don't know what to bring

epi:lol shaving blows.. i hate doing it..

g-dawg: i actually have a few pics that i am taking of you! plus i have a surprise for you!

2005-06-29 09:22:50 ET

i know it hurts

2005-06-29 17:26:55 ET

... you need a new shaver if it hurts

2005-06-29 19:33:09 ET

yea you

2005-06-30 03:16:06 ET

i have to use a blade

2005-06-30 05:34:49 ET


2005-06-30 10:42:57 ET

military appearance

2005-06-30 20:42:57 ET

blades are fun. i wish i had them

2005-07-05 16:20:44 ET

... eeeek! blades just seem so dangerous.. i think i would be so nervous to shave a guys face for him

2005-07-05 18:52:11 ET

i wouldn't let anyone shave my way, no how. im even nervous when a barber trims my beard for me haha

2005-07-08 07:45:14 ET

lol nice.

2005-07-10 05:44:38 ET

then i don't suppose you have ever worked on a ward then.
you would have to do it all the time.

2005-07-11 09:29:36 ET

no i haven't... i'd be so afraid of cutting someone!

2005-07-11 12:40:26 ET

so was I but vets are tough

2005-07-11 16:38:06 ET

lol thats good to know

2005-07-12 12:15:42 ET

they don't mind they just want attention just like everyone else

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