2005-07-29 09:06:48 ET

Hey there.. so i am a live in nanny.. unofficially lol.. i moved in with my sister and i babysit during the day.. i also clean, do laundry, entertain, punish, and cook.. its crazy.. i also decided that i never want to be ahousewife.. at least not now.. that is my newest opinion.. i have a great respect for the women that devote their lives to their homes..its just not for me.. i am the type of person that will become a workaholic.. but i am okay with that.. as long as i can have some time for my home.. just not all the time.

kids are nuts.. they are so much work, and they are so much joy..

i volunteer at the hospital in town and it is fabulous.. i love it.. can't wait to do more of it.

going to see evan this weekend.. hopefully going to get drunk for the first time.. well i did drink like 5 years ago .. but i would hardly count that as being drunk.. i am looking forward to it. it will be awesome.. can't wait to see evan.

my dog died yesterday.. Tsunami was such a gad dog

2005-07-29 09:54:15 ET

Haha, Rachel's most important function: TO PUNISH!!

2005-07-29 10:06:19 ET

Seeing me doesn't count... pfft. I'm busy tomorrow night now

2005-08-01 08:28:27 ET

Angel: lol yes punishing is key to keeping a stable household! lol

G-dawg: you smell

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