2005-08-25 20:31:32 ET

i think the thing that scares me about doing drugs is the altered reality.. do i really want to smell what i hear? do i want thing to be enhanced? whats wrong with the way it is? why can't it just be accepted for how it is in reality? what makes it so much better that you have to do drugs? it reminds me of my mom so much.. she had to drink to get away from everything.. so are these drug users using to get away from me? am i really that horrible?

baby please don't look at me with those eyes.. don't touch me with those hands.. just come back from that altered state and tell me that its okay..

i think i've said too much...

2005-08-25 20:44:05 ET

don't need drugs to smell what you hear

2005-08-25 22:57:45 ET

Nothing is enhanced. It is just perceived in a new light, thats just a bit hazy, leaving the user in a stupor. Yeah, sure thats awesome.
If it upsets you that your "baby" is doing this let him/her know that you don't feel comfortable then. In my oppinion (don't have a PHD or anything, or even a KFC for that matter) it is better to let them know than just feel awkward.

2005-08-25 23:23:01 ET

yeah thats why i quit the drugs i dont like not being in my own mind if you get what im saying

2005-08-26 04:53:38 ET

some drugs are not as horrid as others.
whats the poison?

i agree with matt, you dont need drugs to smell what you hear.

2005-08-26 11:32:07 ET

I agree with you Rachel. ♥

2005-09-02 13:07:34 ET

Guys thank you so much for all the replies..

UPDATE: i didn't do them... and i am debating about whether stopping all together would be a good idea.. I am thinking that it will. I loved being straight edge.. and i find that since I have changed over to the "dark side" for lack of a better way to express that.. i enjoy it, but often rely on it too much as a source of entertainment...

2005-09-02 13:54:11 ET

i feel your pain.

i always a part of scenarios such as this "im bored lets get high, we already smoked, and im broke!"?

not to mention the negative effects on the body.

2005-09-05 05:03:37 ET

honestly the negative effects on the body is my biggest concern.. i think thats the thing i worry about the most.

2005-09-05 05:13:13 ET

I've riden my bike down the edge of the roads
drinking the exhaust of passing cars

2005-09-05 06:48:24 ET

its more the negative effect on your record and wallet.
(and with weed ive learned that chest colds and pnueomonia, if
smoking is very excessive, and the grey and black shit i cough up from time to time.)

cigarettes are processed to the point of having chemicals that resemble those of a nuclear reactor.
(inhaling anykind of smoke is bad)

sorry for the rant, im stoned. no pun.

2005-09-05 08:48:27 ET

there's a right and a wrong way to do everything. anything that comes between you and the things you love most is bad.

in life we choose our drugs. for some people its shopping, for some its food or the lack thereof, and for some its money.

when substances/hallucinogens become means of survival instead of just entertainment, there's definitely a problem. i understand you perfectly - my mom is the same way.

2005-09-06 11:09:23 ET

matt: mmm exhaust fumes... thats kinda dangerous don't you think?

delete: yeah those are all things i haven't been exposed to and i am hoping that i won't be exposed to them... heres to hoping

Jade: i guess i am just trying out all the drugs so that i know which one is mine...

2005-09-06 11:11:29 ET

I understand, been there, done that.

2005-09-06 11:21:38 ET

heh, ive been wanting to stop my stoner phase, unfortunately the government is helping me out with that....

eh, i fucked it up for myself, be safe be smart!

2005-09-06 11:28:15 ET

LOL the threat of divorce is helping me out with mine... and the price of gas. i cant afford to drive to tennessee to see my friends. :/

2005-09-09 19:35:27 ET

aw lol.. its crazy how many problems drugs cause.

2005-09-09 19:39:24 ET

I'm really tired of people blaming stuff on drugs

Guess what if all the drugs went away
people would still have fucked up problems
deal with those

2005-09-09 20:29:48 ET

For some people yes, but for others, alot of their problems COME from them.
I think that's what she's talking about.

2005-09-10 01:02:55 ET

I didn't blame my problems on drugs. I don't have problems resulting from drug use because I don't do drugs in excess - matter of fact I have a nice life and I'm quite lucky. What I did say is that the threat of divorce is convincing me to quit. Not because I'm strung out or because I have interference in my life, but just because my husband prefers I not use.

2005-09-10 05:06:55 ET

People do take drugs to avoid dealing with discomfort in their lives
unfortuately the solution is on;y temporary and results in a dependancy

2005-09-10 16:48:13 ET

I agree. I, myself, am lucky that I have not experienced such desparation. I prefer to use more constructive coping mechanisms.

2005-09-10 20:30:01 ET

Angel: yeah that swhat i was saying

Matt: i wasn't saying drugs are the cause of all problems.. but they do cause complicatios

Jade: i dont agree with not doing drugs for someone else..but i totally understand where you are coming from and i respect your opinion

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