2005-09-05 05:14:28 ET

so after many years of hard work I finally made it into the school of my dreams. Here i am at Queen's university in kingston! it is totally awesome.. i am meeting tonnes of people.. its not as easy because i do have my own room.. but i've still met a lot of people.. still finding my way around campus.. life is amazing

Evan and I are still together, and we plan on keeping it that way.. its not easy.. he stayed with me all last week, and then i come here... all alone. its very different. i miss him so much, and won't be seeing him until about the 16th but i am not 100% sure. we'll see.. i am just so madly in love.. and i don't ever want that to end...

2005-09-07 17:17:22 ET

Stop getting drunk.

2005-09-09 19:36:32 ET

i got drunk once.. and the rest of the nights i've been taking care o fmy puking, drunk friends.

2005-09-10 05:08:19 ET

First years just can't handle their alcohol.

2005-09-10 20:30:26 ET

.... you were once lik ehtat

2005-09-11 06:38:37 ET

That's not true. I've always been able to handle it. Irish liver here...

We almost came up to Queen's last night but then I didn't know your number and Ryan didn't know his brother's so we'd have nowhere to go.

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