Life is so beautiful!
2005-09-30 04:53:08 ET

Hey everyone... I know i know, i haven't written in such a long time! i am so sorry but i've been incredibly busy! who would of thought that in university you would actually have to work hard? lol just kidding.

so i wanted to share some wonderful news! i am a new Sexpert at the Sexual health resource centre here at Queen's!!!!!!!!!! I had the interview last night at 9:45 and i was the very last person.. and they said that they would tell me by today.. and i was awake last night around 1 talking to my friend sarah and then i checked my e-mail and i got the CONGRATULATIONS! so i went around to everyone on my floor and res and told everyone who was awake and wrote msgs on everyones board because i was so excited.

i can't even begin to tell you how happy i am right now! life is sweet

2005-09-30 10:05:32 ET

What do you have to do as a "Sexpert"?

2005-09-30 11:43:48 ET

that is sooo...

2005-09-30 12:01:58 ET

She tells people how to have sex and how to properly use a butt plug.

2005-10-03 08:59:31 ET

Oh man. That's awesome.

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