Rachel's (thats me) wonderful update!
2005-10-27 03:44:32 ET

I love nursing so very much!!! I hate long distance relationships so very much.. but we are pushing onwards! yay!

Being a sexpert is fun! Tomorrow I have Rookie Night, which is basically my initiation. All of the returning sexperts will not tell us what will happen.. and since it is close to halloween the theme is "scary and sexy" i'm going to be a pirate.. i will post pictures! its going to be great!

I have a midterm today and one tomorrow.. Midterms suck so bad. Other than that life is quite fabulous.. who ever though that happiness would come easily when you do the things that you love!

I will try to make sure that my next entry comes in a timely manner.. unlike my last few.

Much love!


2005-10-27 06:52:39 ET

You are going get initiated so bad. It will be awesome. Good luck on mid terms.

Also why the hell are you up so early?

2005-11-04 06:04:50 ET

i love being awkae early.. you see more of the day that way

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