there was a time..
2006-01-02 06:31:50 ET

when everything seemed alright. when the people in my life decided that they wanted to stay. i can't really make sense of the things that others do,because it is not my choice. my it doesn't stop me from being hurt about it. from being worried. it hurts though when i express my concern and it is no longer as important as it once was. granted that people change, but apparently so do friendships. on another note, i got to babysit on new years! wahoo! we played monopoly, uno, kaboodl, and did our countdown at 9 pm. yes thats right ladies and gentlemen 9 pm. life is great right now. i've been thrown a few unexpected curve balls, but i would have been able to see them prior to their arrival had i only looked hard enough. my ipod shuffle doesn't work. and i don't know why. its frusterating so i am going to take it back and see if they will solve my problems.

2006-01-02 06:55:43 ET

On new years I didn't even make it to 9.

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