Just another day
2002-08-05 06:26:23 ET

Hay there. I was trying to get pictures onto my page all bloody morning! Finally I figured out how to do it! I RAWK!

So today is sunday, my father, brother and i are taking a trip downtown to the bridal path.. My father wants to show us all the massive houses. Damnit, my dad was just opening my mail. No privacy geez!
Graham (my incredible boyfriend) is away at camp for a month. That blows chunks. I miss him so much. Shawn, Ashley and Brittany are away too. See everyone is leaving me. Yah Graham is so kewl. He's the greatest. Last night my dad was talking about Graham and he doesn't really like the fact that he has a mohawk. He says he wants me to go out with "normal" guys. And i said, no. theres no fun in that. So my dad asked who set me up with Graham. And i replied "Ashley" He said, I thought so. I'm going to kill her for that.

Well i'm going to go and look for some way to get a funkier background. And later tonight i get to go to my aunts house Yay *sarcasm*. "family dinners"

2002-08-06 05:55:21 ET

Thats awesome. I have no idea what i'm going to do with my life.. but i've got lots of time.. I love this site.. its filled with so many different and interesting people.. its really kewl!

well if this is your 'testinf the software' community.. what do you plan to do in the future?

2002-08-06 05:56:51 ET

ah just to mention
http://www.lostcityangels.com is their website,
and they are coming out with their full length album september 17th :D :D :D

*very excited*

2002-08-06 06:01:52 ET

*doubly excited* i'm going to be first in line to buy it.. but knowing our music stores.. i'm going to have to go downtown to get it. thats not so bad..

2002-08-06 06:02:09 ET

the site isn't working.. it won't load

2002-08-06 06:05:59 ET


2002-08-06 06:13:28 ET

well it's going to be a wide release, hopefully, since they are on nitro records. go to your local record store and demand that they stock LCA! ^_^

2002-08-06 15:57:16 ET

I'll do that right away! Me and my small army will make a difference!

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