2002-08-06 06:00:12 ET

There is nothing to do.. Everyone is gone.. and mel hasn't called. The 'family dinner' last night was so awkward.. they are just so phony it angers me greatly. My oldest cousin is now a drug dealer.. a great road for her. It was just a very interesting night..

yesterday when my father and I went down for a drive it was amazing.. the houses were huge! i mean there were four car garages, ferraries in the driveways.. it was crazy but a lot of the houses were up for sale.. my dad and i drove by his old schools.. it was very kewl. i was contemplating moving there. i'd still love to.. probably when i'm older..

we also visited the cemeteries where my Papa John, Uncle Pete and Nian were buried. I couldn't believe how much i missed them.. its really true that you don't know how much you miss someone until they are gone.. we mourn death as if it is nothing.. but we all too soon forget about it, almost as if it doesn't matter.

theres so much beauty in this world.. wow...
25 more days

2002-08-06 06:07:02 ET

Yeah, Dali is a great artist...but you should state those images are his :)

2002-08-06 15:47:26 ET

true... thanks

2002-08-06 16:50:16 ET

no prob. just a heads up ;)

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