2002-08-06 16:02:00 ET

Graham called. I miss him so much, but something keeps telling me that he's with someone else. i don't know. i feel like crap. almost like i'm not good enough. i hate this. stupid flippin' mood swings are messing with my head. its like i can't feel anything properly. its either super high, or super low. i don't feel like tyring anymore. but of course i will. i don't know. maybe i'm just pessimisstic. i just don't want him to come back and not care for me the same.. cause that would make him just as bad as everyone else. frig. i doubt he's like that. mel assures me that he'll still care for me when he returns.. hopefully.

on a more happier note.. going to warped tour is in my favour. yay! i might have to bum some money off my brover.. but he loves me.. )i hope( so things should go well.. two tickets COULD BE MINE..

*set me free*

2002-08-06 16:04:09 ET

always follow your intuition.

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