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2002-08-08 05:14:10 ET

Well i finished making my skirt.. : ) its so awesome.. and i am not a talented sewer.. but it looks really great. Graham called yesterday he apologized for the other night and " whispered sweet nothings into my ear" I miss him a lot. Yesterday was my first day back at work.. its amazing i missed it so much!

Today matt and i are going to go skateboarding .... and perhaps Shawnelly will be home..

does anyone know what "fapping" means... for example a friend of mine said, " i haven't fapped in seven months.. for a girl thats not too long but for a guy its different.." if you know what it is please tell me! thanks so much!

its laundry day today.. and i smell like soap. maybe i'll take a trip over to the Salvation army and see if they have anything interesting.. until next time! au revior!

2002-08-08 05:15:16 ET

fapping is a euphamism for masturbation.
http://www.sexylosers.com is responsible for the spreading of the word.

2002-08-08 05:16:55 ET

thanks.... i was thinking it was something along those lines.. but ya never know.. words can have such many differnet meanings "now-a-days"

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