2002-08-09 08:23:20 ET

Hay there.. so yesterday i came home late.. not too late just about twohours or so late.. and my grandmother wants me out of the house.. she hasn't conversed about it with my father yet i am sure.. of course my father has the final say.. but i've got a bad feeling that i will be street bound in a matter of days... not kewl.

graham called me today.. he sounds so depressed.. its been a week since he's been gone.. three more to go.. i wish there was something i could do today.. but i can't. and he's so worried that i'm out with other guys and cheating on him.. but i would never do that.

i miss tayler so much. i am so conflicted about it.. tayler is my little sister (8 years old) and a week ago.. her mother took her away to texas.. i miss her so much.

maybe tomorrow will be better

2002-08-09 08:59:12 ET

Hrm, sounds suckey. I'm sorry that thats all happening. Maybe you'll hit bottom :) Heh, I have to relate everything to fight club... E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G

2002-08-09 14:29:49 ET

better than relating everything to seasame street

2002-08-09 15:57:38 ET

Yeah, I guess.

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