2002-08-10 13:14:48 ET

well i'm not being kicked out of my house.. my grandmother settled down.. for the time being.. my little sister who was recently ripped from my arms and taken to texas called today.. i noticed the uneasiness in my fathers facial expressions when he was tlaking to her today (on the phone) i miss her so much. i wish there was something i could do.. but of course there is nothing but embrace each day as it comes..

ryan my ex-boyfriend called me today.. yesteday he told me he loved me.. but today was so uncomfortable.. he was talking about how i was the definition of beauty and so on.. so i hung up on him.. my brother told him i was dead. what a day.. i need a milkshake and a kiss from *Graham*


2002-08-10 13:23:22 ET

just out of curiosity which severed head of state 7" is your bio from...the old one or the new one...I haven't heard the new one. Have you heard Tragedy?

2002-08-10 13:38:54 ET

i believe it's from the old one... I haven't heard tragedy.. although i wish i had

2002-08-10 14:34:47 ET

Oh they are really good...the new LP should be coming out is very good you should try to check it out.

2002-08-10 15:03:51 ET

i should.. do you have any idea why the site won't work? ( ) ?

2002-08-10 15:08:58 ET

it doesn't work on my machine keeps bringing up the dial up networking screen even though I am connected through a I can't get onto it either.

2002-08-10 15:11:35 ET

man that sucks so much! i've tried it a million times and the computer says "bad gateway" ! grr .. i wonder why its being so stubborn and not letting anyone in!

2002-08-10 15:16:27 ET

I dunno...I can try it on a seperate browser...hold on I will try it in Opera

2002-08-10 15:18:11 ET

because the server is offline...probably having some kinda server problems, and had to take it offline...but that is only a guess, except for the part about the server being offline that is definate.

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