2002-08-11 08:25:11 ET

i'm not sure what to think recently.. it feels like all these thoughts are polluting my mind.. so many events have happened that make me want to just sit in a dark room and think.. i was talking to my friend andrew last night and he was so interesting.. i never thought of him as a very intelligent person, but my mind has decieved me once again.

i long for Graham, to be in my arms. I wish he'd call and tell me that he was alright. twenty more days.. i've decided to save up my money for a really good camera. its going to take me a while.. maybe a few months. but i would love to have a camera that works.

last night before i went to bed i sat out on my roof. and i just stared at the stars. i felt so.. tiny.. i wanted to cry, but i couldn't figure out why.. the beauty of the stars was so overwhelming,. even with the city lights blocking most of them out. it was amazing.. we all live under one sky and it doesn't matter what we believe or what colour our hair is. everynight the sun comes up and in the eve it goes down.. no matter how many disasters strike us.. the world keeps turning..

2002-08-14 14:44:40 ET

Very interesting thought. The world keeps turning. Indeed.

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