\*\ just a thought \*\
2002-08-12 19:17:04 ET

ryan and i were talking on the phone tonight. it was so interesting the way he thinks.. its amazing....
GRAHAM called me .. i miss him soo much.. 19 days left..

sometimes i don't know what to think about this world.. whether its worth staying or going.. i don't know. its as if there is so much beauty and no one acknowledges it.. and there are events occuring in this lifetime that i have no control over.. that make me want to freeze time and think about everything.. i wonder why.. a lot.. but then again i am a drama queen

i saw a lacey black bra with black and white polka dots straps.. in the mall.. *drools* it was glorious!

2002-08-12 19:21:34 ET

now THAT bra sounds glorious, it might even give me incentive to wear one...

2002-08-12 19:22:43 ET

it was really.. and for 20 dollars.. it will be mine! when i get money of course!

2002-08-13 20:10:34 ET

I have a bra like that. It's yummy.

Also, I understand what you mean about beauty...and...yeah...I can't explain it, but I understand...although, I am also a drama queen.

2002-08-14 14:49:02 ET

Drama queens... nice.

2002-08-14 16:47:43 ET

i love being a drama queen

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