l liars blow l
2002-08-13 19:24:29 ET

i want her here so badly. i miss her little smile and little laughter.. its brutality being so far away when there is nothing i can do. i can't see her or anythign and its like no one understands but him.. and he is gone for a month.. all the good things were taken away. i can't cry. i can't sleep. damn this night. damnit it straight into the dirt

2002-08-13 19:31:57 ET

him?? her?...do these people have names?

2002-08-14 14:52:23 ET

Oh little smiles I like, little laughter too.

2002-08-14 16:51:12 ET

him is my boyfriend.. graham and her is my little sister who was whisked away.... i hate my life

2002-08-15 12:51:29 ET

i see..

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