2002-08-23 12:25:29 ET

how do you do that lunk thing.? where you type like 'this girl' and when you click on it, it brings you to their page or a page...

2002-08-23 12:40:03 ET

look in the help section... like when you're typing an entry or something or if you're replying to this see where you type your reply where it says help.. it should say in there

2002-08-23 12:47:21 ET

thanks that i shall do. i checked once but i tend to not pay too much attention to detail

2002-08-23 12:50:39 ET

lol ;D

2002-08-23 12:51:06 ET

i'm bleeding damn!

2002-08-23 12:51:45 ET

:-( From what?

2002-08-24 09:50:37 ET

i don't know.. that happens a lot.. i will just bleed.. eek its gone now.. not to worry

2002-08-24 09:51:20 ET


2002-08-24 09:52:53 ET

so whats new?

2002-08-24 09:53:38 ET

Nothin.. just checkin comments and crap then I have to go :P

what about u?

2002-08-24 10:02:06 ET

just browsing and chekcing comments until i am forced to leave
actually i have to babysit. so i have to go aruond 4.. and its 3 now..
i miss graham..

2002-08-24 10:06:03 ET

:P oh.. and reading that bitch annabellee's journal. :grrs:

awwwww.. cant you go see him sometime or where is he?

2002-08-24 10:08:15 ET

he's away at camp. he's gone for the month of august but he calls me like everyday.
if she is bitch then why are you reading her journal? lol (psst who's annabellee)

2002-08-24 10:09:22 ET

:[ well august will be over soon enough..! ;]

I dunno. She just annoys me.. I think her name is Kaelen.. her user name on her is Annabellee

2002-08-24 10:11:22 ET

i know i am so happy he comes home soon.. his user name is Wiggles13

I shall check her out. why does everyone write sXe on their bio? what does it mean?

2002-08-24 10:12:06 ET

sXe= straightedge = doesnt smoke, drink, or have sex

2002-08-24 10:12:46 ET

thank you! i've been wondering about that for a while now.. now i finally know! yay!

2002-08-24 10:14:45 ET

lol.. well its a little more than that:
that talks about sXe :-P
I had no clue what it meant a while ago too.. lol

2002-08-24 10:17:06 ET

some people on here talk about things that just make me go hmmm? its odd.. i finally found out what fapping meant a while ago. it was funny. cause i read it on Grahams journal.. and i had no idea what he was talking about. then i asked.. and was like.. oh... kay.
thanks for the website

2002-08-24 10:24:51 ET

silly little girls...

2002-08-24 10:27:52 ET

lol! theres nothing wrong with being silly! its fun learning new things

2002-08-24 10:30:42 ET

yah. im silly.

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