// new pictures \\
2002-08-27 04:41:19 ET

yes.. you heard me correct. i've got up some new pictures, its my bestest buddy Grant from Regina : ) isn't he a hottie?!?! (see now you can gloat grant)

2002-08-27 04:42:01 ET

cool your avatar kinda looks like a brown eye.

2002-08-27 09:52:58 ET

but its green..

2002-08-27 14:12:42 ET

well it looks like a green brown eye

2002-08-28 04:42:26 ET

: ) that works! i would love to have one green eye and one brown eye.. mm that'd be awesome

2002-08-28 13:46:24 ET

well it looks like 1 brown eye

2002-08-28 14:59:16 ET

i guess that could work.

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