2002-09-01 04:17:20 ET

Okay so i didn't go away. I went over to Graham's last night! it was great fun! I missed him so much! and he was so tired! And I met his Grandmother, she's so awesome! She talks non-stop. And then Graham's family was making fun of him.

School starts in about eer..... 2 days! I am going downtown today hopefully. that'd be great fun.

no ones home. scary. its quiet

2002-09-01 04:29:24 ET

Ah yes, meeting your other half's family... always an adventure. The stories my girlfriend could tell about my family... eek.

2002-09-01 18:21:48 ET

yah i love his family they are so kewl

2002-09-02 07:15:01 ET

Rawk on :D

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