first day jitters
2002-09-03 18:41:47 ET

i was late for the first day lol it was so great. work sucks.. and i'm under sever stress. its so weird. i'm having anxiety attacks at work and at home. its no good. i don't get how people can have a husband and kids, a job and a house to run. they must be super people!

went downtown it was so great. ordered a new book *Please Kill Me* its gonna be great!

missing graham
i wore my kilt .. damn i looked so good today!


2002-09-07 14:01:10 ET

please kill me is cool. I got it at my local library last year and it is a very good read. one of the better books on the history of punk I've read.

2002-09-07 14:07:09 ET

awesome. i've been so impatient about getting it. i've been in the book store everyday.. and they keep telling me that they will call me when it gets in lol.

2002-09-07 15:13:32 ET

haha, you should've checked your local library...I was so surprised that mine has it, hehe.

2002-09-08 17:28:36 ET

mine does. but i owe them money. i think. and i like to own books because i write notes in them.

2002-09-09 14:48:31 ET

notes? what kind of notes?

2002-09-10 02:50:45 ET

like.. things that i want to look up on. or how i feel about certain subjects. or philosphical phrases. things like that. it all depends on the book

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