2002-09-11 16:31:18 ET

Two men walk into a bar. One has to get stitches. So a dsylexic walks into a bra....

I love that joke. so i've dyed my hair. and soon enough i will be cutting it. Wahoo! my first hair cut by me! I am so nervous but it will be great. i want to take before and after pictures. I saw these glasses in the mall that were just so great. *sigh* in just a matter of hours they will be mine. Emo rawks.

2002-09-11 17:27:46 ET

You never told me that.

2002-09-12 17:58:30 ET

told you what? do you want me to tell you everything?

2002-09-13 18:24:42 ET

Yes, yes I do.

2002-09-14 06:38:35 ET

Oh. Okay. Did you know that yesterday was Friday the 13?

2002-09-14 17:51:07 ET

Yes I did.

2002-09-15 06:02:35 ET

Alrighty then/ I'm bored. I don't want to do homework

2002-09-15 06:07:09 ET

Me either, and I'm home today my parent's won't let me go to my grandparent's because they think I'll make my grandmother sick.

2002-09-15 06:07:59 ET

Thats not nice of them now is it? ( good morning)

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