2002-09-17 18:54:31 ET

today was a pretty good day.. work was good.. now my brother works with me.. so it was our first shift together!
i love graham.

i got fishnets. my headphones broke.. misfits rawk and i am sleepy


2002-09-18 01:48:16 ET

i neeeed your skull

2002-09-18 11:10:31 ET

what for?

2002-09-18 11:11:34 ET

i just like skulls, i collect them.

2002-09-18 11:16:38 ET

you can't have mine.. i need it

2002-09-18 11:18:22 ET

ok then do you have any in your house?

2002-09-18 11:20:32 ET

you can have my brothers... but it will cost you how many do you have in your collection so far?

2002-09-18 11:22:49 ET

like 130+. half in good condition

2002-09-18 11:23:19 ET

holy crap.. did you kill all those ppl?

2002-09-18 11:28:16 ET

nah, i just collect them... i don't got much variety though, they're in majority from vietnam. i like the baby ones.


2002-09-18 11:37:44 ET

thats not right... collectting skulls.. theres a chrush that is decorated with human bones and such.. its so different yet beautiful.. i forget where it is.. i saw it on Ripley's Believe it or not.. ( i am from canada)

2002-09-18 11:39:42 ET

haha yes ripley's. i'm canadian too believe it or not. skulls are ok. it's not like it's immoral or anything

2002-09-18 11:41:23 ET

i know its not immoral.. its just odd. to think that a life once occupied that space. its like a haunting.. where abouts in canada?

2002-09-18 11:44:43 ET

montreal.. the CAPITAL of canada. what about yoooouu?

2002-09-18 11:48:28 ET

Pickering.. a place near Toronto. Montreal isn't the Capital of Canada. Ottawa is

2002-09-18 11:50:06 ET

lol. i know. IRONY.

2002-09-18 11:51:28 ET

interesting.. i've been to ottawa.. and i spat on the parliament buildings.

2002-09-18 11:54:17 ET

great! ottawa is not interesting. montreal is. and toronto is fun to visit :D

2002-09-20 18:35:23 ET

i looove toronto.. and i've only ever been to ottawa thats the furthest east i;ve ever gone.. and people were yelling at me..

2002-09-21 03:06:04 ET

hahaha. ottawa.

2002-09-21 04:02:57 ET

yes indeed... but it was grea tfun!

2002-09-21 04:03:40 ET

did you see Hull too?

2002-09-21 04:04:13 ET


2002-09-21 04:05:27 ET

lol. you missed your chance to hang in bars after midnight.. because ya know all ontarians do it. it's funny

2002-09-21 04:08:57 ET

not all ontarians do it because i didn;t. what's the Hull?

2002-09-21 04:10:39 ET

Hull is like connected to Ottawa, only it's in Quebec.

2002-09-21 04:11:54 ET

oh okay

2002-09-21 04:13:08 ET

blah. we're only fourteen.

2002-09-24 11:12:44 ET

true enough

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